Balmy this afternoon, then much colder..snow?

February 9, 2023

We hit 65° today (Thursday) in Cottage grove. Normal is 52°. A cold storm system will bring some very light rain showers to our area this evening or early night through Friday afternoon (totaling 1/10" or less). Notice how much colder it will get tomorrow through next week:

SNOW: A very cold winter storm system will then move into the region later Sunday night. There continues to remain the possibility of snow in Cottage Grove anytime between Monday morning through Tuesday morning (highest chances Monday night through Tuesday morning). I don't see a "snowmageddon," but as it looks right now a dusting to 2" is not out of the question - if all ingredients align just right. Data has been consistent with this system which gives more confidence of us seeing some snow. Note that this event is still far enough into the future for things to change, so look for updates over the next few days. One thing is for certain: winter isn't over yet!

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