Cooler through Sunday, hot again early next week.

August 26, 2022

Friday: Noticeably cooler today (highs 80-85). Much cooler Saturday with maybe some sprinkles or a brief light shower in the morning - highs 75-80. Hot again early next week - check out the predicted temperature chart below. Good news is that the weather pattern is expected to switch over to more fall-like by the end of next week. So far since June 1, we've had 26 days of 90° or above high temperatures. In a typical summer, we usually see 5-15 days of 90° heat (Eugene's average is 15 days per year).

Looking drier than normal through Sept 15 or so, then a wet fall pattern will "probably" kick in by Sept 20. October through December have better odds for above normal precipitation. You're probably seeing some snow outlooks. Be careful because there's no skill in these and the accuracy is extremely low. Sorry to say that the Farmer's Almanac is more for entertainment and is calculated two years in advance.

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