Cooler today and over the next few days...

July 20, 2023

It's been a while since we've talked and I apologize. I'm also the Executive Director of Bohemia Mining Days and have been working nonstop over the past 10-days, leaving me zero spare time to even just put up a quick post. My apologies. Anyway, no question that it's been hot (Wednesday - we hit 93° and Saturday at BMD it was 97°).

We're now entering into a period of "relatively" cooler temperatures. Generally speaking, high temperatures are expected to fluctuate mostly between 84-90 over the next 5-7 days or so (normal high/low is 84/51). As winds shift around at times, some smoke from the Flat Fire (well to the southwest of our area and NOT a threat to us) could drift into our area. We saw this on Wednesday because winds started blowing from the southwest which transported the spoke into our area. Again, not a threat to us.

Anyway, looking ahead to the end of July/early August, data is all over the place. Seeing some signals that another heatwave may kick in (around July 28-Aug 3), but I'm not convinced that the pattern across the PacNW will allow high pressure to build in strong enough for 100° heat. In fact, what I'm seeing right now is weak low pressure systems passing just to our north which would prevent high pressure from becoming overly strong. This would, more likely than not, prevent our high temps from reaching much above 90°. However, we could have a day or two at 92 or 93, but a widespread stretch of 90+ heat looks unlikely at this time (key words are at this time).

Lots of new people joining the email list so I'll give a quick introduction about myself. In the late 1990's, I started out as a student intern at the National Weather Service. A student intern at thee NWS is required to attend college and study Meteorology. I did just that, earning a Bachelors in Meteorology in 2002 and a Masters in Atmospheric Science in 2005. My main focus is on agricultural meteorology which is very difficult and complex and requires a lot of training. Busiest time of year is November through March due to forecasting frost/freeze with crops (farmers need to know if they need to take proactive measures to prevent crop damage such as watering or running wind machines which could cost thousands of dollars). I am also a Forensic Meteorologist and Consulting Meteorologist. What this means is that companies come to me to write up reports and/or testify in court as an expert on such things as pesticide overspray, crop damage/insurance claims, and other weather-related incidents. I've got called into to be the onsite Meteorologist at events such as baseball games, major concerts, etc. It's a tough career, but I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world. I also assist, when needed, with Fire Weather.

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