Light Snow Likely Monday night & Tuesday morning...

February 12, 2023

I'll be doing a live report on air with KNND Monday morning at 8:30. Breezy Monday, gusts up to 25 mph. Light rain will develop tonight and change over to showers Monday morning. Showers Monday afternoon with isolated hail or ice pellets and even a rumble of thunder or two. A mix of snow as early as 8:00pm Monday. Dry Tuesday afternoon through Friday.

SNOW: A dusting to 4" of snow is looking likely in Cottage Grove Monday night to about mid-morning Tuesday. Best chances will exist 10pm Monday to 10am Tuesday with the bullseye 11pm Monday to 6am Tuesday. NO snowmageddon; any snow below 1000' will melt throughout the day on Tuesday. Snow levels Monday morning 2000' then lower throughout the day to down near 500' as early as late as Monday afternoon.

HAZARDS: Icy roads/pavement possible Monday night into Tuesday morning and again Tue night/Wed morning. Expect ice/snow over most regional passes on Monday into Tuesday morning. Pets outside will be unable to maintain their body warmth due to the very cold temperatures.

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