May the 4th be with you!

May 4, 2022

Tuesday May 4th: Mild today - high temps 70-75, much cooler tomorrow. A series of three storm systems will affect the region through Sunday. Expect a total of 1-2" of rainfall. Rain develops 3-5am Thursday with rain/showers continuing through Sunday. Rain could be heavy at times Fri+Sat. This is the time of year when isolated thunderstorms are possible as colder low pressure systems interact with more daylight and warmer surface temperatures. So don't be surprised if we get some thunder and maybe small hail Fri-Sun. Snow levels Thur-Fri above 6000', then 4000' Sat-Sun.

Winds: Winds can gust up to 25 mph Thursday and Friday. Latest data coming in hints that IF winds above us can "mix down" to the surface, gusts of 30-35 mph could be possible. Again, this is conditional on many factors.

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