Possibly another wet weekend

June 8, 2022

Wednesday Update: Unfortunately, it's looking like another weekend of unsettled weather with rain in the picture. It will become humid tomorrow with that "tropical" feel.

NOTE: With these types of weather systems / pattern, it's extremely difficult to predict how much rain will fall and during what time(s) because any shift north or south of the moisture being directed into the region will result in more/less rain for our area. Right now, computer model data suggests a total of an inch Thursday night through Sunday evening. Rain/showers can come in spurts with some dry periods likely. No wind concerns (20 mph or less).

Thursday: Partly cloudy and humid. Muggy with high temps near 80. Light rain chances increase after 8:00pm.

Friday: Periods of light showers (up to 1/2"), continued warm & humid.

Saturday: Periods of light showers (up to 1/2").

Sunday: Periods of light showers (less than 1/4").

If we're lucky, the following weekend may be dry and nice (June 18-19), per the latest data.

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