Why so hot? "Some" cooling next week...

May 13, 2023

SATURDAY: Yes, it's going to be around 90 today and 90-95 on Mother's Day before cooling a little on Monday. Also, isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected over the Cascades Sunday afternoon through Monday. Small possibility that a couple of these can drift west into the Cottage Grove area (Monday has the highest probability of this occurring).

WHY SO HOT? Strong high pressure across the west causes air to be squashed down towards the ground. Warm/hot air at the surface rises (heat rises) and creates a mini low pressure system just to our west. The difference between high/low pressure causes winds to blow FROM east to west (winds blow FROM high pressure TO low pressure). Winds blowing down the Cascades towards the ocean causes the air to warm. Then BINGO, this all creates a perfect setup for hot inland temperatures.

ANIMALS: It's too dangerous for animals/children to be left unattended inside a car even with the windows rolled down. Pavement is extremely hot and can burn paws in less than one minute. Animals outside should have plenty of fresh, cool water and access to shade.

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