Yucky humidity & continued warm????A little cooldown next week????HEATWAVE possible starting end of next week (Aug 13-16)????

August 4, 2023
  • You're not wrong: there were a few light showers last night at around 1:45am-3:30am. Monsoonal moisture has been drawn into our area due to the position of high pressure to our east. Since winds around high pressure spin clockwise, it's in a perfect position to draw up monsoon moisture from the desert southwest.
  • For today and Saturday, we'll have varying amounts of passing clouds along with a very small chance of a light shower or rumble of thunder. Higher chances exist from the Cascades eastward.
  • It's yucky warm outside due to the increased humidity. This is expected to continue through Saturday or Sunday.
  • A change is in store for early next week. Looks like a couple of weak low pressure systems will pass through from the northwest Monday-Wednesday. This should give us a little refreshment with air exchange by kicking out the humidity after these systems pass through. We'll also have some clouds. It's certainly possible that a light shower or two can be squeezed out on Wednesday, otherwise no rain is expected. Temperatures will also cool a little, but still be warm. The "coolest" day looks to be Wednesday with highs upper 70's to about 80.
  • HEATWAVE: Unfortunately, high temperatures later next week are expected to rapidly warm. On Friday (Aug 11) we'll be around 90 and may possibly reach 100° beginning Sunday and/or Monday (Aug 13-14) and continuing through Wed Aug 16. We'll talk more about this next week as better data comes in and accuracy improves on predicted temperatures. Not trying to hype, but the computer models have been consistently predicting this for several days now so we cannot ignore the possibility.
  • Our hottest day of the year so far was 97° on July 15. If the above talked about heatwave occurs as currently expected, then Aug 14-16 will likely be warmer than July 15.
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